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The Role Of The Family In Society.

The Role Of The Family In Society.

As far as we know some people are sure that the role of the family has become not so important. But some people disagree with this point of view.

On the one hand, there are no so big close families as it used to be. That is why the role of the family is not so important in the big society. Secondly, people have become more independent. Moreover, there are so many institutions to bring up our children: schools, univercities give them not only education but rules of behavour. In addition to this, the role of friends has increased, they help us to find work, to get education, to solve problems.

On the other hand, the members of the family are always the closest people to help and to do everything for us. Secondly, the family gives us example of behavour in society which is an important moment for adoptation in our life. However, the family brings up children and they become members of society.

Taking all these facters into account, I can say that the role of the family is very important even nowadays because a family is a part of our everyday life for many years. In the family we find the examples of our future behavour, get equanted with the world around us and receive our first lessons.

Создан 19 янв 2010

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