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The Perfect Storm

I have just read the book “The Perfect Storm” by Sebastian Junger . I decided to choose this book because I had seen the film “The Perfect Storm” but films, in my opinion, could not give us the full idea of the book and that was why I was so interested in this book. I expected the book to be more exciting, more breathtaking and more colourful than the film.

This book was written in 1997.The book describes the events with the ship's crew occurred during a storm. The command ship "Andrea Gail" not even aware that their next outing at sea, may be their last ... In the autumn of 1991, Hurricane Grace "- raises the strongest in the history of mankind the storm, which was subsequently dubbed the" perfect storm ". The waves surged in the 100-foot height. The strongest winds destroyed houses. Struggling with hurricane,winds and huge waves, brave fishermen did everything to save their ship on and save their lives.

I like this book very much because of the beauty of style and ease of understanding. This book tells us about an uneasy life of sailors, their resistance and their desire not only to survive but also to finish the deal. All the characters - like the real things. Every part of the book is special, which carries something new. The plot of the book is fascinating. It is little to say that the book is interesting I advise everybody to read it.

Создан 28 фев 2011

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