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Pride and Prejudice

I have read a book “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin. I decided to choose this book because I had seen a film “Pride and Prejudice” but  films, in my opinion, could not give us the full idea of the book and that was why I was so interested in this book. I expected the book to be more exciting , more breathtaking and more colourful than the film.


“Pride and Prejudice” was written in 1796. The novel begins with a discussion of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, the arrival of the a young gentleman Mr. Bingley at Netherfield Park. Mrs. Bennet wants him to marry  one of his daughters. Mr. Bennet pays a visit to a young man, and after a while he responds in kind. The next meeting of Mr. Bingley's family is on balubkuda  Bennet  Mr Bingley arrives with his friend, Mr. Darcy. Later in the novel the relationships between the main heroes are described: between   Darcy and Elizabeth, Bingley and Jane. Recognizing the nature of each other, overcoming the odds, they begin to understand and sympathize with each other.


I like this book very much because of the beauty of writing and the ease of understanding. "Pride and Prejudice" - a story of human souls, witty, easily and elegantly told by the famous English novelist Jane Austen.  All the characters - like the real thing; every head of the book is special, which carries something new; the plot of the book is fascinating. It is little to say that the book is interesting! It is very useful to read to find out how we can sometimes deceive themselves, and while in captivity their own pride and prejudice, suffering themselves and do hurt someone else.


Reading this book I feel lightness and ease. “Pride and Prejudice” is fully justified my hopes and left warm recollections in my soul. I advise all the girls to read this book because it is very sensual and unproblematic.

Создан 07 дек 2010

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